Maximizing the First 100 Days with Your Investor: Building a Strong Foundation

Video on how to foster your relationship with your startup investor.

The initial 100 days of partnership between startups and their investors are critical for establishing a solid foundation. This period sets the tone for a long-term relationship and allows both parties to align their priorities, ensuring the company’s growth and success.

A vital aspect of these early days is fostering a good understanding between founders and investors. Akshay Bhushan, a partner at Lightspeed India, emphasizes the importance of informal sessions to build this relationship. As a lead investor in Series A and an Advisory Board Member of Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator, Bhushan brings valuable experience from investing in companies such as Flipkart.

The initial 100 days with an investor are crucial for entrepreneurs to lay a strong foundation for future collaboration. By focusing on relationship-building and establishing a robust tracking infrastructure, startups can set themselves up for long-term success with their investors.

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