Dream Careers and following your Passion


A lot of people only get to dream and visualize the life they want to live. Some people, however, follow their passion and turn their dream careers into a reality. The video discusses the necessary skills required to make the business a success. Ian Faria talks about how low self-esteem keeps people cocooned and crippled with fear to try anything. Moreover, he explains the need for self-motivation and resilience to have a dream career.  Anupama Gowda discusses the importance of surrounding oneself with a team that shares the same vision with you.

Only those who are courageous and bold enough follow their passion and live their dream life. They have the coveted life and dream career. The studio guests discuss what it takes to succeed in entrepreneurship. Ian Faria as a mentor has seen success and failure of many individuals and entrepreneurs. He says people lack the courage to follow their dreams due to low self-esteem and lack of resilience. In addition, failure is due to the lack of business plan, vision, mental and financial resilience.

Anupama Gowda co-founded a company that offers guidance in making creative ideas towards dream careers come true. It was inspired by the absence of similar services when she needed it. She talks about knowing one strength and weaknesses in entrepreneurship.

Other important factors include mentorship, self-motivation and a support system. Mrs Anupama Gowda further highlights the importance of taking time to do thorough research before starting a business. Finally, age is just a number and it shouldn’t be a factor in following your dreams.


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