Security Expert on How to be Safe Online

How can we ensure our digital safety on the Internet. How to be Safe Online in this new world of social networks & hacking?

In this episode of The PS Show, security expert, Manjula Sridhar shares some useful tips on cyber safety with us.

Most incidences of online theft are due to simple lethargy on the part of the users.  They don’t take the necessary precautions to protect their computer and their accounts. It is important to understand how to protect ourselves with simple procedures. For instance like enabling two-factor identification and also avoiding silly practices like posting selfies with important documents.

Be Prudent Online

The majority of the issues online are not technological but emotional and women are the soft targets at large. Manjula Sridhar shares with us tips and tricks to stay safe online. Go beyond having complex password combinations (which are still important), follow these tips and tricks to stay safe online.

  • Always activate 2-factor authentication. See full interview as Manjula Sridhar walks us step by step through this for Gmail and Facebook.
  • Do not post selfies with sensitive data like credit cards or boarding passes on social media. These might open doors to extracting more sensitive data.
  • For financial transactions, use the same computer as far as possible

Watch this episode to understand what steps you can take to protect yourself against cyber crimes.

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