Part 1 of Period tracker with Maya App


John Paul – creator of the App Maya which is a period tracker App in conversation with Prathibha Sastry.

Today let’s talk about the need for something much more basic that affects the quality of every woman’s life. The need for an enlightened, pro-active approach to women’s health. The dispelling of centuries-old stigmatization and myths surrounding menstruation, and our right to hygienic public facilities.

The idea started as a simple period tracker.  It really hit us that the idea could actually be a lot more life changing, says John Paul, CEO Plackal Tech that conceived the Maya App.

Consider this. Your periods are a few days late and you wonder why. With Maya, you can check out your historic data. And see for yourself if this delay is normal, or is it an alert to consult a gynecologist. From being a simple period tracker, Maya could actually help you understand what symptoms are normal and when exactly do you experience them. It could also(and has) help you plan your pregnancy by understanding your ovulation cycle.

Maya is an easy and fun to use period tracker (menstrual cycle calendar). However, it goes up a notch more than just fun. It not only tracks your periods but it also hints you on related symptoms, mood swings, pregnancy and your overall health. When used regularly, it becomes a precious repository of your overall health to know what is normal and what is not with regards to your reproductive health. .

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