Internet Safety online in Hindi

Internet Safety online in Hindi language.

Technology has taken over our lives in ways unimaginable and like it or not, most of us have an online presence. Gone are the days when we looked at password theft. Or even kids accessing inappropriate content as threats posed by Internet. In this age of Big Data, even large enterprises are adopting data analytics to gain insights into customer behavior. At the same time, cyber criminals too have the opportunity to access sensitive and personal information.

Manjula Sridhar, a security expert, helps businesses and individuals to identify fake profiles and prevent fraud. She explains that most fears related to technology are self-inflicted. And even those without any technology background should be able to understand the basic security measures. For any average user of the Internet, she claims that the major touch points are Google, Facebook(or any social media) and Banking related websites. And all of these are actively providing security measures that are simple enough for anyone to understand.

UNICEF India’s report also states that 28 million out of 400 million Internet users are school-going children (IAMAI, 2015). Are we educating the children enough about being safe online? Watch this video on internet safety online in Hindi.

Watch the English version here.

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