Archana Doshi on Building Archanas Kitchen


Archana Doshi – Creator of Archana’s Kitchen in conversation with Prathibha Sastry in this episode of The PS Show.

The video is about the use of social media to market your products and services. It is also about following one’s passion and to turn it into a lucrative business. Archanas Kitchen is a business that provides healthy recipes. She started her establishment from the comfort of her kitchen. Moreover, since its establishment in 2007, she now reaches more than a million audience. The owner took advantage of the social media platforms to drive her business and for market research.

Archanas recipes are healthy, quick and easy to make. She uses the social media platform to reach out to millions of viewer enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle. Her successful business today comprises of a community of local chefs, bloggers and other important professionals. They are dedicated to making Archana’s recipes using ingredients from the local market. Her online presence exposes Archana’s recipe to older and new users. In addition, she uses social media to find what the
user needs and ways to satisfy those needs.

Dedicated to her cooking passion, she uses different communication media and platforms to promote a healthy lifestyle. through Archana’s Kitchen. Moreover, she aims to inspire people through cooking and recipes. Cooking has always been her passion but initially started as a software Engineer. She began taking cooking seriously after losing her job and trying different things. The Instagram IT girl Meenakshi earns a living by using Instagram and blogging to review fashion trends. She also review other
products related to fashion.

The social media platform has created the easiest avenues for people to market their skills. Archana of Archanas Kitchen took advantage of this marketing opportunity start a business. Meenakshi an Instagram influencer also uses this avenue for fashion reviews.

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