Part Four || Indian Startup Ecosystem and Effectuation

The Indian startup ecosystem is heavily reliant on traditional entrepreneurship models. However, according to Saras Sarasvathy, it is important for startups to incorporate both the effectuation and causation methods to achieve growth. She cites a few Indian companies that are successful in using effectuation principles. While many startups in India look to Silicon Valley for … Read more

Part Three || Women and Effectuation

Women and Effectuation: Breaking Barriers in Entrepreneurship In the United States, 30% of businesses owned by women are small businesses. Prof. Saras Sarasvathy discusses the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and the role of effectuation in overcoming these challenges. While various factors limit the growth of women-owned enterprises, there are success stories like Yan Cheung, … Read more

Part Two || Principles of Effectuation

Understanding the Principles of Effectuation in Entrepreneurship The Limitations of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship, just like any other field, comes with its limitations. Some of these limitations include inadequate funding, lack of necessary skills, and limited resources. These challenges, however, can be tackled by adopting a specific approach to entrepreneurship. Effectuation vs. Causation Saras Sarasvathy, a renowned … Read more

Part One || Entrepreneurship and Effectuation

Effectuation: A Key to Entrepreneurial Success The Importance of Effectuation It all starts with an idea. An idea that starts as a speck within an entrepreneur gathers resources, infrastructure, successes, failures, attitude, lessons, collaborations, and grows into an ecosystem where more ventures thrive and compete. An idea alone is not enough, though. Its realization takes … Read more