Hindi Part Two of Archanas Kitchen and her recipe

Archana Doshi of Archanas Kitchen and her recipe  has been to embrace this change wondrously. From the days of starting it as a blog to making it the personal brand that it is today. Archana shares with us how social media has helped her change her passion into a business. In 2001, when the dot-com bubble burst, Archana lost her job and took up her Masters in IT to hone her skills. Luckily, she soon realised that this was not her calling.

As renowned Author Ken Robinson says, we need to challenge what we take for granted about our abilities. And that’s what Archana did. In 2007, she started a blog to talk about Food and Recipes that soon converted into a website with close to 12 millions of viewers per month across various platforms. Google ran a nation-wide Ad featuring Archana and Archana is a living example of the Advertisement’s message, ‘the web is what you make of it’.

Archanas Kitchen and her recipe

Archana says she has always been an early adopter of social media platforms, be it YouTube or Twitter or Instagram. It has helped her reach out to millions of interested audiences. From being a one woman army, today Archana works with close to 500 contributors and a small dedicated team.  Watch the Part One here.

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