Hindi Part One Period Tracker Apps for Women


Technology has become a big part of our lives and the creation of apps makes it possible to have access to any information. With Maya app the period tracker, it is easier to learn what’s normal or abnormal in your cycle. These apps for women helps track their health, plan or avoid pregnancy.

Furthermore, it provides a chance to track the cycle and related issues such as mood swings, PMS symptoms, etc.

Advice on period tracker apps for women is to use it regularly. It provides graphical representation when you track your periods. This later helps to identify irregularities that might need a doctor’s attention. With more than 100,000 reviews and discussion, it provides a platform for women to share their stories. Also, women’s advice on period tracker app discussion offer an opportunity to learn from their peers. There are also health professionals in the discussion forum to give insights on some of the health issues.

The next phase of the app is to collect enough data to correlate factors such as age, length of the cycle, etc. This will later provide insight into reproductive health based on the data collected. John Paul CEO at Plackal, created Maya App to help women understand their reproductive health. The app is more than a period tracker; it helps women be cautious of any issues regarding their reproductive health.

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