Part One – Team Indus and Har Indian ka Moonshot



Har Indian ka Moonshot – Team Indus pulled in 100s of people for their mission. Not just that, they have contributed directly and indirectly in inspiring and giving hope to millions of people in India and around the world. According to Sheelika, “We realized that the impact of this (mission) is far more than landing on the moon. It has to be something that sustains inspiration.

Team Indus took a challenge to land a rover on the moon as part of the Google Lunar Xprize competition. Sheelika Revashanka and Rahul Narayan share the journey and how it all started. Rahul Narayan, as a co-founder discusses the importance of dream, hope and perseverance. Sheelika Revashanka had no interest in science or space whatsoever growing up. She didn’t even know what ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) was before joining Team Indus. However, something about the team captivated her and as they say, the rest is history. This project is now Har Indian ka Moonshot (every Indian’s moonshot).

It takes courage to follow dreams that most people deem crazy, unrealistic and impossible. Team Indus did the impossible they decided to represent India in the moon competition. Only the Chinese, Russian and American had succeeded in landing on the moon. The aspiration to do what seems impossible and extraordinary was a big dream for the team. However, it turned to be Har Indian ka Moonshot (every Indian’s moonshot).

The journey started in 2011 according to Rahul Narayan and they dedicated a year to test the project. They set out a team in 2012 which has grown to more than 100 people. Sheelika Revashanka joined Team Indus due to passion, entrepreneurship and the spirit of the team. In addition, she desired to be part of an ordinary team doing extraordinary work.

The initiative has become an inspiration and motivation to the Indian nation. It has impacted so many lives and allowed a lot of people to dream big. In 2018 the team had completed 80% of the moon initiative. And the dream continues for Team Indus and for us all Indians.



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