Full Episode -Team Indus and the Dream Continues


Google’s Lunar Xprize announced on January 2018 that there would be no winner. And no team would be able to make a launch attempt by the deadline of March 2018. This was due to difficulties of fundraising, technical and regulatory challenges.  Rahul Narayan, IIT Delhi Alumnus and Founder of Team Indus shares his crazy journey. That is right from entering the competition to build the rover ECA(Ek choti si asha) to unlocking a whole new industry in the country. Regardless of whether Team Indus emerged a winner or not, they have showed us how to aim for the moon even if you end up reaching for  the stars.

Watch Prathibha Sastry talk to Rahul Narayan and Sheelika Ravishankar of Team Indus as she traces their journey from Lunar Xprize to what they are currently today.

Not only has Team Indus pulled in 100s of people for their mission, they have contributed directly and indirectly in inspiring and giving hope to millions of people in India and around the world. Sheelika Ravishankar says, “We realized that the impact of this (mission) is far more than landing on the moon. It has to be something that sustains inspiration.

In Sheelika Ravishankar’s words, Team Indus is representative of all exciting things about India, a mix of young team, the entrepreneurial spirit, unreasonable craziness and the fact that ordinary people can do extraordinary things



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