Part Two of Team Indus and The Dream


Sheelika Revashanka and Rahul Narayan continue to discuss Team Indus and the dream to land on the moon. The project and the initiative have become so big that they wanted everybody to share in the experience. This included launching global sustainable projects competition to be tested on the moon by the winners. They also launched Moonshot Wheels project; which is a small planetarium for students in government schools. It is an educational program aimed to raise awareness and inspire students about science and technology.

Team Indus comprised of five teams that had one goal; to land on the moon as part of Google Lunar Xprize competition. According to Rahul Narayan, the team carried out 60% of the project without help from international countries. This proved India’s readiness, talent and creativity in science and technology.

Due to the enormity of the project, Team Indus didn’t just aspire to land on the moon, said Sheelika Revashanka. They wanted to share the experience with the talented, creative and enthusiastic individual. The global competition and Moonshot project aimed at inspiring everyone to dream big. In addition, the global competition encouraged diversity, creativity and innovation.

Team Indus and the dream to be more than just a space initiative is an effort of talented individual team members. Also, the support from mentors and the public, in general, has made the project a success. The team is consists of smart talented males and females. In addition, it creates equal opportunities for women and a safe working environment.

Watch Prathibha Sastry talk to Rahul Narayan and Sheelika Ravishankar of Team Indus as she traces their journey from Lunar Xprize to what they are currently today.



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