Part Three of Team Indus Mission Story


Sheelika Revashanka and Rahul Narayan document the lesson learned in their first attempt to successfully land on the moon. Team Indus mission to win the Google Lunar Xprize competition was unsuccessful due to time constraints and other factors. However, the team is more determined to continue with the mission even though the competition came to an end. The inability to give up is due to teams’ diligence and perseverance throughout the process. In addition, the great support from the nation is providing the necessary push to finish the mission.

The Google Lunar Xprize competition was launched in 2007 but Team Indus only came together in 2011. Time constraints and other competition requirements were among other things that caused the mission to land on the moon to be unsuccessful. However, the Team Indus mission to see the project through to succession continues.

According to Rahul Narayan, the setbacks didn’t discourage them but it only encouraged improved workmanship. It will probably take a long time but the aim is to build a project with accuracy and effectiveness than before. Sheelika Revashanka mentions the importance of hunger for learning and acquiring more knowledge. As the lead of marketing and outreach, she studies to familiarise herself with Team Indus work. This enables her to better educate people during outreach programs.

Through the experience, the team has learned to stand together and persevere no matter the setbacks. Lack of success and disappointment in the first attempt only motivated them to follow through with the mission. In addition, support from the nation continues to encourage the team to make this dream a reality.

According to Sheelika, Team Indus is representative of all exciting things about India. It is a mix of young team, the entrepreneurial spirit, unreasonable craziness . And the fact that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Team Indus has pulled in almost a 100 people to work on sending a spacecraft to the moon.

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