Part Two of PoSH Act at Workplace


Sohini Mandal is experienced with the PoSH Act at workplace. The act set a legal requirement for ICC members and how they adjudicate over complaints. As someone who is an ICC member for the various organisation, she discusses the legality of the act over members. She also talks about another channel to lodge sexual harassment other than the ICC. In the video, she also talks about legal steps taken should the accused be the ICC members.

PoSH Act at workplace

PoSH Act at workplace requires the ICC member to be a minimum of 4 people. There should be one woman and the presiding officer who has to be someone on the senior level. External members can be lawyers, or social workers with 5 years of experience and understand women issues.

Lawyers are suitable external members because they understand the law and are trained to be impartial. They understand the legal requirement and documentation for solving legal matters. A psychologist who has social work experience has knowledge when it comes to interviewing people.

Another channel of reporting sexual harassment is Sexual Harassment electronic box (She-Box). It is an online platform to lodge complaints if the company doesn’t have ICC. In addition, it is meant for people who don’t know where to report the harassment. If the person accused is the ICC member, then the person has to resign from the ICC immediately due to conflicts of interest. The ICC also investigate if there is an exploitation of the law like making false accusations.

Watch the Part One of the Episode of POSH Act here.

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