How to make Travel as a Career


I am just a Vagabond. Lakshmi Sharath is, in her own words, a storyteller, a traveller, travel blogger. Basically she has made travel as a career.

The video is about being versatile enough to change careers. Lakshmi Sharath quit her successful career as a vice president in a media company and followed a new career. She did all this because of the toxicity of the work environment and need to grow as a person. Her new coveted career as a travel blogger takes her all over the world. She shares her experiences on the blog and social media platform. Writing and travelling have always been her passion. When she got an opportunity of leave
from the corporate life she never looked back.

“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Gustave Flaubert

Lakshmi Sharath’s exact words when talking about travel go as thus “Travel helps you realize that you are a nobody.” Giving up her career in a media company as a vice president required courage. She had courage, boldness and desire grow and evolve as a person. The media corporate life wasn’t offering what she needed anymore. Instead, it had become toxic and fast with little time enjoy life.

Moreover, she felt her life revolved around the work environment. She decided to take travel as a career when she was on sabbatical leave. During this time, she travelled to rediscover herself, quit her job and followed travelling career.

Her career in media led her to own a travelling blog where she now shares adventurous places she has visited. Giving up the media corporation career enabled her to invest more in her own travelling magazine. She now dedicates time advancing her travelling career and pushing her own agenda.


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