Part 2 of Expert on TaiChi and Qigong for Beginners


Thinking of learning Taichi and Qigong, here are few tips for the beginners. Learn all about it from Cicily Thomas who runs Vital Force Tai Chi Academy. We talk about the holistic health in this three part series. In this particular video Cicily teaches about few of the steps that you can learn.

Tai Chi helps regulate the Body and the Mind. As you flow into the practice you would observe that you are Regulating
without making a concerted effort. The movements start to flow seamlessly…

Tai Chi is a spiritual path, a way of finding yourself and being present to others as well… Taichi enables you to Harmonise
your Body, Mind and Spirit ! A way of being for few of the people. An artform which is good for all ages

Cicily Thomas, is a Taichi and Qigong Master teaching the art forms in India and abroad for the past 20 years… She had her career as a designer: Specialising in animation, textile, graphic designing. She then moved on to working at the Indo French Chamber of commerce as a commercial Attaché. While all this was fulfilling, It was a chance or divine providence that brought her to TaiChi and Qigong…according to Cicily – from the first time I saw someone doing Taichi in the Pyrennee mountains where I had gone Skiing in 1991… She was smitten… It was love at first sight!

She takes us on a journey of this path which she feels can be part of wellbeing and play a crucial role in health.

You can watch the part 3 and part 1 here.

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