Part 3 of Tai Chi for Beginners


In the video Cicily Thomas the founder of Vital Force Taichi Academy showcases few Tai Chi moves. Tai Chi is a martial art exercises practices for different reasons but with many benefits. The benefits include self-defence, health benefits and meditation. Why should you consider Tai Chi and is it right for you? Along with the benefits mentioned above, it is appropriate exercise for all age groups including the elderly. Tai Chi for beginners focuses on the fundamentals. In addition it helps you find what is enjoyable to you as an individual.

The benefits of exercise has been documented and proven by doctors and health practitioners. Tai Chi provides benefits that surpasses physical work out benefits. If you are looking to learn a new skill or switch up your exercise regimen, Tai Chi may be what you need and more.

The value behind this form of martial arts is balancing the life energy Chi. The Chi energy helps to keep us balanced and grounded. It also regulate a healthy circulation keeping stress and fatigue away. Therefore, the energy is responsible for providing calmness and relaxation.

Tai Chi for beginners is recommended for you if you are looking for an exercise improves relaxation and add harmony in life that. It also raises your energy in turn stimulating mind, body and spirit. In addition, it reduces chronic pain and helps prevent falling minimum physical workout. This is important for the elderly who need exercise that has low impact. Therefore, It is never too late or too early to learn Tai Chi.

You can watch the part 2 and part 1 here.

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