Part 1 of How to Save and Manage, and invest Money

Financial independence and freedom is a foreign language to many women. But for the women on the show planning and financial savviness is second nature. The video discusses how to save and manage, invest money to become financially independent. Some of the women have had financial education instilled in them from an early age. Some women, however, learned about financial freedom after marriage. It is safe to say these women have mastered the art of saving, investing and taking charge of finances in their lives. They have lucrative careers and businesses which further enable financially independent.

Financial independence and financial planning offer an opportunity to live the life you want and to have choices in life. Lack of financial independence leads to enduring jobs and careers people don’t want.

Prathibha Sastry interacts with successful women from different fields, Sarita Devpunje, Sarita Prakash, Shonali Advani, Gaganjot Kaur and Maitre Dasgupta to hear their views on money and financial independence. They talk about money and how to save, manage and invest.

The guest women on the show are a true testimony of how to save and manage, invest money. They have since learned and mastered the importance of financial management and financial independence. Most of them have learned how to save and manage money since their early 20s. Furthermore, they have since done financial planning, investments and other aspects which enable financial independence.

Ms Shonali Advani got financial education from her parents who instilled saving and avoiding reckless spending. Mrs Sarita Devpunje saves a certain percentage for herself and her daughter. She became aware of the need for financial independence after marriage. However, she has come far starting her companies and also investing in other companies. Mrs Sarita Prakash saving was spontaneous and not prompted by “saving for rainy days.” As she matured the need for bigger indulgence became her motivation to save.

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