Full Episode on How to Save and Manage Money by Women

It takes a certain type of strength and discipline to manage money daily. The women on the show have reached a level of mastery when it comes to managing finances. They discuss the importance of savings, emergency fund and wise spending. Financial education and learning about different methods to attain financial independence is deeply rooted in them. They have also learned about different investment plans that lead to financial empowerment. The decision to choose a good investment plan and the most viable one depends on short term and long term goals.

People often dream and wish for financial independence. However, they lack the drive or financial education to attain the coveted financial empowerment. The women on the show are tenacious when it comes to financial management and money issues. They have striven for financial empowerment since the early 20s.

Sarita Devpunje, Sarita Prakash, Shonali AdvaniGaganjot Kaur and Maitre Dasgupta are women with lucrative careers and knowledge of financial planning. They have different responsibilities that include, family, running their own businesses and marital responsibilities.  The married women also share their financial management strategies independent of their spouse or combined household income.

The art of debt management and the importance of emergency savings for rainy days are also highlighted. To attain financial independence, being debt savvy and how to manage is essential. Their approach on ways to manage money is different but it has proven to be effective. While their backgrounds differ, they have proved that women can manage money and become financially independent. Watch more of the wealth series here.

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