Part 4 of How to Save and Manage Money


It is about time women take charge and manage money ourselves. This series explores on how to save and manage money and raising lemonade stand kids.

Gone are the days when women had to depend on their spouses for the smallest of things. We earn, we learn and we know how to save and manage money. Though working women are still a taboo in a few communities, there are heroes breaking stereotypes real hard. On average women live longer than men. Yet due to various reasons, they spend less number of years in work workforce.

How to reduce unnecessary expense and simplify life? How to make disciplined reserve funds and decide upon liquid investments? How not to get into eternal cycle of debt and live life to the fullest? How to build a creative balance for future fund and also have fun?

To answer these questions we bring Wealth series and guide you on how to save and manage money. We cater experiences and lessons from wise women who have been there and done that. Here you can learn about managing finances of either your company or your personal or household ones.

Our country right now has got a woman finance minister. Yet we hear that women are not good with numbers and cannot manage their own funds. It’s high time we break these myths and make every decision in our own terms.

Disclaimer- The idea is to get you thinking about your reserve fund, we are not experts.

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