Part 2 of How to Save and Manage Money


So take your lives in your hands girls, let’s talk about Money. To walk us through how we can save and invest towards a wealthier and more independent future.

Women, for generations, had been conditioned to give away financial control to the ‘head’ of the family. Of course, times have changed. Yet, whether or not there is a ‘he’ in your life, the conditioning is so deep-rooted within us that we voluntarily give up the nitty-gritty of finances. It is about time we take charge and feel truly empowered.

Our country right now has got a woman finance minister. Yet we hear that women are not good with numbers and cannot manage their own funds. It’s high time we break these myths and make every decision our own terms.

Money doesn’t just pay for our basic needs. Earning on your own terms leads to dignity and self confidence. Unfortunately women are conditioned to give up on financial independence in this patriarchal regime through the ages. We have been fighting back ever since to regain our right to finances.

We have gathered few inspiring women who are mothers, wives and entrepreneurs giving us insights on money. Let’s get their insights on topics from credit card management to closing loans within few years. Further they talk about savings, college funds, and taxes and also travel. They urge us to inculcate both financial independence and discipline from younger days.

Hence we bring you a Wealth series to gain a better grasp of money. We cater experiences and lessons from wise women who have been there and done that. Here you can learn about managing finances of either your company or your personal or household ones. Sarita Devpunje, Sarita Prakash, Shonali AdvaniGaganjot Kaur and Maitre Dasgupta are women with lucrative careers and knowledge of financial planning.


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