Startup 101 Events Series – Expert on startup events for Products launch

Product launch is a good way to market your product or business. The initiative increases a chance to get customers, investors and other people to work with. However, the product owner has to be strategic regarding which platform to use. In the video, Santosh Panda offers his view about startup events for Products launch. He talks about different platforms depending on which stage your product is at. The different stages for a product could be whether your product is at the conceptual stage. That is; it is still an idea. Another stage is whether you have a prototype or you already have customers.

If a product is at the concept stage, there are different platforms for pitching. This is because additional input or mentoring may still be needed. NASSCOM product conclave event, Next big world, etc. are the best platforms to pitch ideas for a product. According to the speaker, finding the information required to launch at these events is important. Also, know the stage where your product is at to choose the right pitching platform. These are the best startup events for Products launch.

As the Founder and CEO of Explara, Santosh Panda is an expert in event organisation. Explara organizes events for different industries. It can be networking events, marketing events, etc. It also offers a ticketing and other meetup services.

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