Startup 101 Tech Series – Prototype enough for validation of startup

The prototype we create should portray the capability of our business to sell the real solution to a problem. Further, it has to showcase the value it brings to customers and investors. Our analysis of product-market fit, investment, and other decisions cannot be made just on the basis of a prototype. Prasanna explains how the prototype will suffice for a few products and wouldn’t for others. In most cases, founders cannot completely rely on it and might have to endeavor to build a full-fledged working model.

Is prototype enough for validation? What are product and business types where this could work?

In this video, Prasanna Krishnamoorthy explains the question, Is prototype enough for validation of start-up product. He is Partner in Value Saas Catalyst firm Upekkha. He enjoys coaching young entrepreneurs and worked with Microsoft Accelerator. Moreover, he also authored various articles on start-ups, product management, and crafted frameworks for product-market fit.

This video is part of the Start-up 101 series, a handbook for all your start-up questions. They are a series of crisp, straight to the point solutions to all the possible queries. Here our start-up Gurus strengthens your basics, before maneuvering your way through nuances of startups.

Get all your Startup related questions answered by Experts in our Startup 101 Series.
From how to pitch an idea
to calculating market size
on legal steps to recruiting your initial team to marketing challenges to the acquisition, we have asked them everything.
Answered by Founders, CEOs, Mentors, and those who are part of this ecosystem, we have handpicked not just a few but hundreds of questions just for you. A definitive startup manual might be non-existent but we have the FAQs covered.

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