Startup 101 Pm Series – Coder or Developer for Product Manager

Does it take more than knowing how to code to become a successful Product Manager? On the contrary, Should one be a coder or developer to become a Product Manager? Harsha Kumar decodes the same in this video.

If he is not what kind of skill set he/she needs to acquire to build great products?

Product managers often has to balance the point of view of both user and coder or developer and also balance them. Of course, we would grasp nuances easily if we have coding expertise.  Harsha Kumar explains how product management is both a coding and management technique. On the contrary, it is more about bringing our coding team and customers to the same page and clearing bottlenecks of both sides. Is it mandatory for a product lead to be a coder or developer?

Harsha Kumar has huge expertise as a product manager in companies like Ola and Zynga and AdNear.  Obviously this makes her the best source to answer the question if the product manager needs to be coder or developer. She is an MBA graduate from INSEAD, a current partner in VC firm Lightspeed India. Moreover, she is a board member of various companies.

This video is part of the Start-up 101 series, where our experts provide guidance on all start-up bottlenecks. Here are solutions for hundreds of questions you ever had and even for ones you haven’t thought of yet. Moreover, we have condensed huge experience of various mentors and founders into a handy, user-friendly manual.



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