Startup 101 PM Series – Product Manager versus Project Manager

In the Tech Startup scenario, with limited resources, an individual often becomes a Product Manager as well as the Project Manager.  Does it help to separate these two roles? If so, when is the right time to have distinct Project Management and Product Management teams?

The dilemma of Product manager vs project manager is commonplace in start-ups. A product manager is responsible for defining the company’s product and taking it to target customers.  On the other hand, the project manager handles the given project and submits timely reports. They are two important pieces of a bigger puzzle.

In start-ups, employees undertake multiple tasks and often juggle between both roles.  This might work well for initial stages but gets inefficient after the company starts scaling. Why is it crucial to explain the roles of Product manager vs. project manager? How to differentiate and divide these both functions as the company grows?

Harsha Kumar has huge expertise as a product manager in companies like Ola and Zynga and AdNear. She is an MBA graduate from INSEAD, a current partner in VC firm Lightspeed India. Moreover, she is a board member of various companies.

This video is part of the Start-up 101 series, a handbook for all your start-up questions. They are a series of crisp, straight to the point solutions to all the possible queries. Here our start-up Gurus strengthens your basics, before maneuvering your way through nuances of startups.



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