Startup 101 PM Series – Tips on the steps to become a Product Manager

Harsha Kumar outlines the steps to become a Product Manager. A Product Manager is a key figure for the company. It is to ensure that the company is creating products according to the needs and the desire of the people. He/She is responsible for the execution of the product’s road map and long-term success.

Product managers are responsible for providing customers with satisfying products without compromising the company values and vision. With the customer and marketing research, product managers incorporate customer needs, technology, and company values into the product. There are different steps to become a product manager discussed in the video.

In this video, Harsha Kumar Partner at Lightspeed India addresses people who have an interest in product management as a career. She outlines two steps to become a product manager.

The first step is joining a startup and working under a brilliant product manager. As a product manager herself, she mentions the need for the experience required for this role. But starting from the bottom with the right mentor will pave a way to becoming a product manager.  The second one is studying engineering, then do an MBA, and finally become a product manager. This the route she took.

Harsha Kumar has many years of experience as a product manager and has also been involved with numerous startups. One of her many achievements was accelerating the products from 3000 rides per day to over a million. This was when she was a product manager at Olacabs.

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