Startup 101 Growth Series – Budgeting Tips for the Growth of Startups

Budgeting is a vital task whether you are putting a proposal to an investor or exploring organic growth. Budgeting tips for growth of start-up involves proper identification and allocation of available funds to achieve exponential profits.

What should be the right strategy if you want to budget for the growth of the startup? Which path should you choose in order to generate revenue to accelerate the pace of your growth? How should you travel on the chosen path to ensure that the journey is smooth and can take you to the destined place safely?

How to experiment and arrive at the best opportunity among a plethora of others? How to allocate and distribute funds among them? How does budgeting help in financial discipline and timeline oriented workflow? How a proper and responsible budget of your start-up makes a good impression for investors? Who are reliable sources for obtaining budgeting tips for the growth of a start-up?

In this video, Ravi Narayan talks about budgeting tips for the growth of a start-up. He is an alumnus of IIT-M and USC, the current CEO of start-up incubator T-Hub Hyderabad. He mentored various start-ups as part of the accelerator programme of Microsoft.  Moreover, he also acted as an advisor to state governments and also to national governments of Singapore and Malaysia.

This video is part of the Startup 101 series, where our experts provide guidance on all start-up bottlenecks. They are a series of crisp, straight to the point solutions to all the possible queries. It starts with the definition of a start-up and extends to investing, hiring, product development, and whatnot.



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