Startup 101 US Market Series – How to run a Startup in US from India

Globalisation and technology have made it easier to run businesses from a remote location. For instance, you can run a Startup in the US from India. There are many reasons one would choose to run a business remotely such as preference or legal requirement. It is not a surprise for business owners to choose a digital way of running a business as it has been proven to have positive revenue benefits on the company. Legal requirements include the type of visa one is eligible to obtain, the amount of investment for the startup, etc.

In the video Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan) Partner at Upekkha discusses ways to run a Startup in US from India. He mentions two methods that are viable for most startups. These include incorporating in Delaware and creating good content marketing.

Incorporating in Delaware has various legal advantages for foreign investors. Some of the advantages are the corporation-friendly tax structure and the body of law. Content marketing makes it easier for the startup and the business it provides to be recognized in the US and internationally.

(Rajan) is experienced having been a product manager and CEO. Upekkha Catalyst helps founders and startups accelerate their business vision in the most capital effective way. It helps companies strive for growth without compromising their value and without acquisition.

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