Startup 101 US Market Series – Which markets to target after India launch

If you have launched and established your tech startup locally in India and looking for other markets to target, Thiagarajan Maruthavanan explains why the US is the market you should focus on.

In this digital era, it’s not too tiring to enter foreign markets. But identifying the right fit and compatible markets to target after India launch is tough. Moreover, this could become a tedious process for young founders.

Specifically in IT and ITES, we are at an advantage by providing low-cost services. On the other hand, the market could get very dynamic and we have to compete hard. Is it an absolute necessity to go global? If yes, which markets to target after India launch?

Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan sheds light on US markets to target after India launch is the best way forward. He is currently a partner in Upekka, a value SaaS company. They help SaaS companies. Moreover, he is also a co-founder of Start-up Bridge India which encourages cross border business for start-ups. He is also an expert in product management and an innovation leader. He had built a B2C product that had reached more than one and a half million users.

This video is part of the Start-up 101 series, containing a wide range of Q AND As. These are basics for beginners in the form of short, to the point solutions to all the probable hurdles. It starts with the definition of a start-up and extends to investing, hiring, product development, and whatnot.



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