Startup 101 PM Series – Tips on Best of Product Management Books

Few products in the market hook the customers like never before. What are the best Product Management Books? What makes them stand out? Here is a book recommendation from Harsha Kumar that would help you with practical advice on how one can make their product influence customer behavior.

Get the book here – Hooked by Nir-Eyal

Seventy-nine percent of smartphone house owners check their devices at intervals fifteen minutes of rousing. Professionals believe that we check our phones approximately 150 times a day! How did we get here? How is it possible that some applications can control the minds of their consumers? What makes these products addictive?

Nir Eyal’s Hook: How to build addictive products is critical work in an increasingly important field of psychological marketing. Nir-Eyal will answer these questions by explaining the Hook model. In a four-step process built into products from many successful companies that gently encourage customer behavior. Through consecutive “hook cycles”, these products reach the final word goal of transportation users over and once again.

Hooked is based on years of research, consultation, and practical experience from Nir-Eyal. He wrote a book he wanted to be available to him as a founding founder. Hooked is designed for product managers, designers, dealers who try to understand how products influence our behaviour.

In this video, Harsha Kumar is talking about product management books. Harsha Kumar, Partner LightSpeed India, venture capital company, and private equity firm. Harsha is enthusiastic about the technology startup ecosystem. She is a board member at OkCredit and a board observer at and FreshMenu. In 2014 she has worked with Ola to launch its B2B business.

Startup 101 is a series of videos in which Prathibha Sastry asks the experts various questions related to the startup world.

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