Startup 101 Tech Series – Importance of Design, Code or Go To Market

Design, Code or Go To Market. Where do you focus? Where do you begin when thinking about product development.

You want to give your best in the beginning stage so that the initial success boosts your confidence and encourages you to move on the path to greater heights for your business. The naïve stage brings with it a plethora of questions and dilemmas. What should be in the list of your topmost priorities? What factors influence the same? In what circumstances should you value design over code, or code overtime to the market?

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy shares with us tips on what is important to a Startup- Design, Code, or Go To Market. Prasanna helps SaaS Startups get to One Million Annual Recurring Revenue at Upekkha Accelerator. He was previously involved in the Microsoft Accelerator program.

Answered by Founder, and Mentors and those who are part of this ecosystem, we have handpicked not just a few but hundreds of questions just for you. A definitive startup manual might be non-existent therefore we have the FAQs covered for you. We have answered more than 100 hundred questions here as part of the Startup 101 Series. Do you know how to pitch an idea, requirements for a slide deck among others? Do watch the videos in the Startup 101 Series.

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