Startup 101 Hiring Series – Tips on Creative Ways of Hiring for Startups

Hiring for Startups is much more than employing people. It is a key role that the founder takes up rather than outsourcing it to a recruitment agency. Pallav Nadhani, Co-founder & CEO of FusionCharts, shares his views on creative ways of hiring for a startup.

A start-up is defined by its core team of founders and first employees. Therefore hiring is not just a mundane business process; it is choosing people to lay the foundation for our success. We need to constantly evaluate new and creative ways of hiring. Moreover, we need to find the right fit between their attitudes and our corporate culture. Hence this task cannot be outsourced to any recruitment agency.

How to come up with creative ways of hiring employees? How is the hiring process a marketing and sales strategy? Best way to avoid bad hiring decisions and retain employees whom we hired for a long time?

In the video, our mentor Pallav Nadhani helps us in figuring out creative ways of hiring.  He became a successful entrepreneur at 17 of Data Presentation Company Fusion charts. Back then he started out operations of company single-handed and now employs around 100 others.

The idea of Start-up 101 series is to give a head start for budding entrepreneurs. Here are solutions for hundreds of questions you ever had and even for ones you haven’t thought of yet. Moreover, we have condensed huge experience of various mentors and founders into a handy, user-friendly manual.



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