Startup 101 Hiring Series – Fear of hiring your first full time Employee


What is the biggest fear when you hire a full-time employee for your startup? Is it the fear of delegating work or the fear of having to pay your first full-time employee. Pallav Nadhani explains how to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Hiring full-time employees could seem a little overwhelming for young founders as funds are scarce, hence compensation is modest. The first question is whether he/she will be a good fit for our company and understand our vision. The second being whether we will be able to afford experts in the field.  Needless to say, this is the stage where founders have to trust their judgment and take a leap.

How to get past this fear of hiring a full-time employee? How to come up with better hiring terms and attract expertise? How is salary to employees a subjective call? How to be smart about this process and find the right deal?

In the video, our mentor Pallav Nadhani helps us in overcoming fear of hiring full-time employees.  He became a successful entrepreneur at 17 of Data Presentation Company Fusion charts. Back then he started out operations of company single-handed and now employs around 100 others.

The idea of Start-up 101 series is to give a head start for budding entrepreneurs. Here are solutions for hundreds of questions you ever had and even for one’s you haven’t thought of yet. Moreover, we have condensed the huge experience of various mentors and founders into a handy, user-friendly manual.

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