Startup 101 Design Series – Importance of UI and UX at idea stage

Design is a strategy made visible. That says how important UI and UX when pitching an idea. What else does a UI/UX say about our product? What should one focus on when designing an interface?

User Experience (UX) Development is a process that improves the overall user experience. It considers interacting with an app or website to achieve the goal of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. It keeps customers in mind and creates the foundation for each application.

The user interface (UI) is the process of improving the presentation and interactivity of the web. It focuses on the appearance of the app and user interaction. Every screen, page, buttons you see while using an app is the app’s user interface. UX / UI design plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

Google knows that UX is important. However, when it comes to selling at UX, it can often be felt that it is important. When we introduce them, clients and colleagues often seem completely unsatisfactory. Because UI and UX development focuses primarily on user satisfaction and enjoyment.

Jay Dutta, Senior Vice President, UX Design at and founder of DesignUp Conference, explains the importance of UI/UX. JD has consistently built high-performance internal and design teams in Corporates, customer, and consumer domains that have delivered millions of dollars of time-critical projects. Here he talks about UI and UX when pitching an idea

The world of start-ups is growing, and the number of entrepreneurs is growing every quarter. Startup 101 is a series of videos in which Prathibha Sastry asks the experts various questions related to the startup world. These topics will help you to improve yourself and keep growing throughout your startup journey.



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