Startup 101 Investor Series – How to deal with fear of Investors stealing ideas

Several people have ideas but those ideas cannot be turned into reality all alone. Sometimes the help of others is required. In order to clinch funding nailing your investor pitch is important. In such a case, the fear of idea stealing becomes very obvious. Is this fear really worth it? Or is it just a myth?

How can I share an idea yet be safe from someone stealing it? Is it good to even share an idea before giving it a shape?

What causes this fear is stories that people hear about others who have been robbed of fame. It is because someone fled with their big idea. It happens, but it is very rare. Almost everything is a reversal of something else. It is easy to conclude that someone stole an idea by simply finding another. We see a new product and shout, “I had this idea five years ago.”

Most ideas are not new and very few are stolen. When you hear about foreign or corporate espionage, about her stolen ideas, about real products or technologies. So let’s break the myth of fear of Investors stealing ideas.

In this video, Akshay Bhushan is talking about the fear of investors stealing ideas.

Akshay Bhushan, Partner LightSpeed India, venture capital company, and private equity firm. Akshay is enthusiastic about the technology startup ecosystem. He has worked as a mentor at Microsoft Ventures India as well as for multiple businesses. Akshay focuses on consumer internet, business, and mobile investment at Lightspeed India Partners. He was at, where he was a founding member of the Corporate Development team.

 Startup 101 is a series of videos about FAQs. They are answered by Founders, CEOs, Mentors, and those who are part of the Indian Startup Ecosystem. We have handpicked not just a few but hundreds of questions just for you. A definitive startup manual might be non-existent so therefore we have the FAQs covered.



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