Startup 101 Growth Series – Evolving roles of employees during growth

Evolving roles of employees during startup growth.  “Ambiguity is great for certain kinds of creative activities but is the mortal enemy of systems design”, said Stephan Haeckel. In a startup culture, where creativity is fundamental to questioning the status quo, could a certain amount of ambiguity in defining a role be beneficial?

In high-growth businesses, employee skill sets routinely exceed and grow. Many startups are blind to this reality. The lack of a talent strategy is most often manifested. When founders and executives suddenly realize that they got the wrong people for their startup.

Engineer, sales manager, product person, marketing manager are different roles of employees at startup. All of these roles are required for a successful run of any size. By prioritizing these roles, you can be sure that your bases are currently covered. Leave it as information for a long time and then turn it into tasks.

Start by meeting the co-founders focusing exclusively on roles and responsibilities. Perform the strengths and weaknesses of the action to understand where people on your team will perform best. Publish tasks that everyone can see so you can keep them up to date. This will organize you and your co-founder in the first year you build your business. It will also set an excellent precedent for the next person you add to your company.

In this video, Ravi Narayan is talking about the evolving roles of employees during startup growth. Ravi is a pioneer in the Venture Catalyst/Startup Accelerator space, is a former Global Director at Microsoft for Startups. He is also an Advisor to corporations and governments in top startup ecosystems.

Startup 101 is a series of videos in which Pratibha Sastry asks the experts various questions related to the startup world. These topics will help you to improve yourself and keep growing throughout your startup journey.

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