Startup 101 Investor Series – Improving the odds of startup getting funded

The most straining step for any founder would be making sure of their startup getting funded. It takes huge efforts to find someone who would listen and invest in your vision.

Apparently, there is no definite formula to get odds in favour of your startup getting funded. In fact, it is a function of multiple factors.  Like is the traction of your model high? How competent is your core team? How strong is your network? Is your idea very clear-cut and sustainable?

Besides, it is necessary to be foresighted. After all our idea could be one among 100 ideas investors listens in a day. So what does our expert have to say?

Here our expert Akshay Bushan helps us increase odds of our start-up getting funded. Being an investor himself, he provides a point of view from the other side of the table. He is a Wharton alumnus and current partner in investor firm Lightspeed India.

This video is part of the Start-up 101 series, containing a wide range of Question AND Answers.

It starts with the definition of a start-up and extends to funding, hiring, product development, and whatnot. We cater expertise of successful founders, investors, and CEO’s to guide us through the start-up maze.

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