Startup 101 Design Series – Should a technical founder design the app

As a Technical Founder, I am tempted to design the App for my startup myself. Would it be a good idea to do so or should I be focusing my effort on something else? Should a technical founder design the app or hire others.

The design and UI of our mobile app showcase the quality of the business, thus leading to first impressions. Obviously it’s understandable to check all the facets of the application by ourselves. Especially a technical founder might get a sceptic to outsource that job to someone outside.

Here the concern is not finding someone who would align with our vision. Can a founder afford to leave other issues and focus on one area of business? If not, can he trust work which is outsourced?

Our mentor Jay, a Design wizard puts an end to this dilemma. Jay Dutta, Senior Vice President, UX Design at suggests a couple of things to consider before you make a decision. In brief, he explains the pros and cons of the question can a technical founder design an app. Moreover, he calls himself a compulsive curator, guiding next-gen designers through various conferences.

The series Start-up 101 is an innovative way to guide new entrepreneurs through uncertainties. Here all their puzzles are being answered by a team of successful entrepreneurs and mentors in the business.



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