Startup 101 Hiring Series – Encouraging Leadership hire to tap into network

Leadership Hire essentially means recruiting a well-experienced personnel and approaching the next best candidates through them. These leaders help the company not only with expertise but also with their network. In short, Leadership hire would mean getting the right people in the right places. Moreover, they should also be efficient in enabling diversification in teams.

There should be effective communication between founders and senior personnel. Likewise, it is better to clarify them on what kind of people to recruit and how soon. We should be capable of prompting them to tap their network and build the best teams.

In the video, our mentor Pallav Nadhani helps us in effective Leadership hire.  He became a successful entrepreneur at 17 of Data Presentation Company Fusion charts. Back then he started out operations of company single-handed and now employs around 100 others. He is also the co-founder of the company Collabion.

The idea of Start-up 101 series is to give a head start for budding entrepreneurs. These are basics for beginners in the form of short, to the point solutions to all the probable hurdles. We discuss right from legal to cultural issues. We cater expertise of successful founders, investors, and CEO’s to guide us through the start-up maze.



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