Startup 101 Events Series – How to protect an idea when pitching at events

Are you worried about your idea of getting stolen at a startup event? How to protect an idea when pitching at events.

Are you conscious of what and how much to speak in order to avoid such a situation?

Industry events and other networking platforms are a great place to meet people. These are people who might invest in your idea or have the interest to work with you. However, pitching an idea at events haphazardly can do more harm than good. Santosh Panda talks about ways to ensure ways on how to protect the idea when pitching at events

Planning and timing are very important in entrepreneurship when getting your startup off the ground. Individuals run the risk of their ideas being copied or stolen if they talk “too early.” Too early would mean lacking proof that the idea is yours should the need arises. Proof can be legitimate documentation or validity of some kind whatsoever. This is a requirement for legal purposes should the courts and law get involved. His advice is to have a prototype of the idea before talking to people about it. It is also advisable to have obtained at least two customers.

Santosh Panda is the Co-Founder and CEO of Explara an online industrial platform for events and meetups. Its main focus is event organisation, ticketing, event marketing, etc. The company was established in 2008 but has substantially grown over the years. Explara platform brings you everything that encourages pitching an idea at events, marketing, etc. Watch the Startup 101 Series.

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