Startup 101 Tech Series – A Single Founder Focus Time and Effort

Hustling as an only founder could sound daunting to many of us. On the contrary, it evokes excitement and challenge to others. Needless to say, in either case, it could get very difficult and exhausting.

He/she has to take care of every little detail from hiring, product development to procuring investment. Though decision making and control are whole with you, it is a job easier said than done. Among the hundred ‘to-do’ list, it’s tough to figure out vital areas on which focus of a single founder should be.

We have got this bottleneck cleared for you. In the video, our mentor Pallav Nadhani illustrates what should be the focus of a single founder in a start-up. Pallav became a successful entrepreneur at 17 of Data Presentation Company Fusion charts. Back then he started out operations of company single-handed and now employs around 100 others.

The idea of Start-up 101 series is to give a head start for budding entrepreneurs. These are basics for beginners in the form of short, to the point solutions to all the probable hurdles. We cater expertise of successful founders, investors, and CEO’s to guide us through the start-up maze.

Get all your Startup related questions answered by Experts in our Startup 101 Series. From how to pitch an idea of calculating market size to legal steps to recruiting your initial team to marketing challenges to the acquisition, we have asked them everything. Answered by Founders, CEOs, Mentors, and those who are part of this ecosystem, we have handpicked not just a few but hundreds of questions just for you. A definitive startup manual might be non-existent but we have the FAQs covered.

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