Startup 101 Investor Series – What is Investing process by angel investors

Angel investors invest in early stages or start-ups in exchange for equity participation. Angels invest in the early stages of start-ups, where they see the potential for company growth. Most angels begin to work to build access to interesting companies. So what is the Investing process by angel investors?

It may take longer to know where to look for in their local ecosystem. But as soon as the angel becomes more experienced and familiar companies will look for them. All angels are going through some screening process to separate the companies they want to work with. They take into consideration the non-monetary aspect too.

Some solo angels may have strict criteria or a checklist they follow. But many will be relatively informal and follow their features about which companies to follow. An angel investor will want to get an idea of how the company plans the market itself. He also sees the cost of acquiring the customer and the long-term value of the customer.

In this video, Akshay Bhushan is talking about the investing process by angel investors.  He is, Partner at Lightspeed India, addresses the above questions. So watch the video to know more about angels and what role they can play in your business.

The world of start-ups is growing, and the number of entrepreneurs is growing every quarter. Startup 101 is a series of videos in which Prathibha Sastry asks the experts various questions related to the startup world. These topics will help you to improve yourself and keep growing throughout your startup journey.

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