Startup 101 Investor Series – Advice on different stages of startup funding

This video talks about the different stages of startup funding. A fund is the most basic and essential requirement for any startup. At any stage of your startup, whether it is during the prototype stage, at launch. It is also for marketing purposes or to accelerate the pace of the growth engine, proper funding is required every time.

Every startup, regardless of the size of the operations, requires funding to turn its innovative ideas into reality. Most businesses generally fail because of their inability to raise sufficient funds. After all, you need money or capital to maintain your business at every stage. Newcomers have to first become familiar with these different stages of startup funding.

Seed-capital – Seed capital is an investment made in the initial phase of commissioning. This helps the business to identify and create the perfect direction for its launch.

Venture – When the company’s final products or services reach the market, a venture capital image is obtained. Regardless of the profitability of the products, each business is considering using this phase.

 Series A – Investment in Series A, the very first round of funding, does not require external funding. At this stage, startups formulated a specific plan for their product or service.

Series B –If a company relies on a B-series investment, it will show that the product is right on the market. Also, customers are buying the product or service as decided.

In this video, Akshay Bhushan is talking about different stages of funding.  Akshay Bhushan, Partner LightSpeed India, venture capital company, and private equity firm. Akshay is enthusiastic about the technology startup ecosystem. He has worked as a mentor at Microsoft Ventures India as well as for multiple businesses.
Watch the  Startup 101 to know more about all your answers related to the startup ecosystem, building your products and business.

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