Startup 101 US Market Series – Unique Startup to capture Global market

Startups are struggling for many reasons. Some even die or never achieve as much success as they hoped. They did not have to foresee obstacles and did not need to know how to respond to them. You will need capital to finance the development of software or products, office space, marketing. The last thing a startup need is to cut costs and deprive employees just when it is necessary.

Market research is not something you do as a one-time startup. Business conditions are constantly changing, so market research should also be continuous. Otherwise, you risk making business decisions based on outdated information that can lead to business failure. Customers don’t care about what technology they use. All they want is a product or service that can satisfy their needs and aspirations.

Some skills are essential not only for your business to survive but also for growth. Knowing the skills, you need can determine how well your startup is doing. The delay in finding the right staff will only lead to severe obstacles. These are delays that cannot be started. You must be fully involved in your strategy, even if it takes out of your comfort zone.

In this video, Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan is talking about a unique startup. Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan) of Upekkha talks about how can a Unique Startup capture Global markets.

Startup 101 is a series of videos in which Prathibha Sastry asks the experts various questions related to the startup world.
Sometimes, the only source of knowledge is experienced, and experience is an expensive lesson. That is how the Startup 101 Series started, to leverage others’ experience and expand your knowledge. A definitive startup manual might be non-existent but I wanted to have the FAQs covered.

The best ones to answer FAQs on Startups are people who had ‘been there and done that’.

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