Startup 101 Tech Series -Tips on the robustness of the Prototype

In a tech startup, it is a normal process to build a prototype of the product the business is providing to the clients. Prototype depicts the final products and tests out whether the concept will function as intended. In the video, Prasanna Krishnamoorthy provides clarification regarding the robustness of the prototype. This answers the question of how complicated the prototype needs to be during launching or pitching.

When building a prototype, the founder already knows that there are risks involved and positive traits. Its function is to tests the risky assumption about the problem being solved. Thus, the robustness of the prototype depends on that one particular problem. The customers are interested in whether your product can provide a solution and make their lives easier. Therefore, a prototype is like the first version of the software. It is designed to solve a particular problem with the chances of additional features in the future.

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy is the founder of Upekkha; a company that helps SaaS founder grow their business revenue. It promises a growth from $100k to $1m in two years. It also promotes the business chart growth to $10m. The company is working with many startups to promote their growth.

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Experts featured in the startup 101 series:

1. Prasanna Krishnamoorthy – Founder of Upekkha. He helps SaaS startups with technology, product, and growth.
2. Santosh Panda- Founder & CEO of Explara. The NextGen Event Management Platform
3. Ravi Narayan – a pioneer in Venture Catalyst and Startup Accelerator space
4. Pallav Nadhani – Founder and CEO at FusionCharts & Collabion
5. Akshay Bhushan – Partner at LightSpeed
6. Harsha Kumar – Partner at Lightspeed
7. Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan – Partner Upekkha. A Product Leader and Entrepreneur with M&A experience.
8. Sharda Balaji -Founder of NovoJuris Legal.
9. Jay Dutta – Advisor- Design – Saif Partners

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