Startup 101 Investor Series – Funding from famous and top investors

Is it important to raise funding from famous and top investors? Do the well-known investors always have a larger impact? The importance of funds from the investor and their ability to confirm the business model. Funds help to build the pilot and connect with the first customers is essential for the entrepreneur. Is it important to raise funding only from famous and top investors?

Experienced angel investors are working hard to examine investment proposals. Despite the numerous founders approaching them, each investor has certain boxes to check before they are interested. After confirmation, they deposit money or give time for commissioning.

Investors do not agree on any idea very much. They agree that making money in the market comes with a consistent strategy based on rules. Think for a moment about your beginnings as an investor. In this video, Akshay Bhushan is talking about raising funds from famous and top investors.

Akshay Bhushan, Partner LightSpeed India, venture capital company, and private equity firm. Akshay is enthusiastic about the technology startup ecosystem. He has worked as a mentor at Microsoft Ventures India as well as for multiple businesses. Akshay focuses on consumer internet, business, and mobile investment at Lightspeed India Partners. He was at, where he was a founding member of the Corporate Development team.

Startup 101 is a series of videos about FAQs and answered by Founders, CEOs, Mentors, and those who are part of the Indian Startup Ecosystem.

Experts featured in the startup series:
1. Prasanna Krishnamoorthy – Founder of Upekkha. He helps SaaS startups with technology, product, and growth.
2. Santosh Panda- Founder & CEO of Explara. The mind behind the NextGen Event Management Platform- Explara
3. Ravi Narayan – a pioneer in Venture Catalyst and Startup Accelerator space
4. Pallav Nadhani – Founder and CEO at FusionCharts & Collabion
5. Akshay Bhushan – Partner at LightSpeed
6. Harsha Kumar – Partner at Lightspeed
7. Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan – Partner Upekkha. A Product Leader and Entrepreneur with M&A experience.
8. Sharda Balaji -Founder of NovoJuris Legal.
9. Jay Dutta – Advisor- Design – Saif Partners

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