Startup 101 Hiring Series – Advice on hire with poor workplace culture fit

Corporate culture can be hard to wrap around. Although your mind can immediately jump to enjoyment, such as kegerators and roof celebrations. You already know that culture is much more important than anything else. An organization with a complex hierarchy versus an organization with a straightforward structure favours continuous feedback.

Customizing culture helps your company save money. If a culture is in place, more employees will retain their jobs as teams can work together. A cultural fit candidate is more likely to embody and promote your company’s core values. Make sure your company values ​​give your workers room to grow. If your employees can grow, your company’s vision can also grow.

If necessary, employees are willing to accept changes. Both cultures and people can change during the interview. During the interview, ask questions about cultural adaptation interviews for your candidates. Give employees some time, make a bond, have constructive conversations with the people you work with.

In this video, Pallav Nadhani is talking about poor workplace culture fit. Pallav Nadhani – Founder and CEO at FusionCharts & Collabion has just one-word answer for an employee with poor workplace culture fit.

For our Startup101 Series where the experts answer questions that any entrepreneur typically has. For instance

Experts featured in the startup series:
1. Prasanna Krishnamoorthy – Founder of Upekkha. He helps SaaS startups with technology, product, and growth.
2. Santosh Panda- Founder & CEO of Explara. The mind behind the NextGen Event Management Platform- Explara
3. Ravi Narayan – a pioneer in Venture Catalyst and Startup Accelerator space
4. Pallav Nadhani – Founder and CEO at FusionCharts & Collabion
5. Akshay Bhushan – Partner at LightSpeed
6. Harsha Kumar – Partner at Lightspeed
7. Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan – Partner Upekkha. A Product Leader and Entrepreneur with M&A experience.
8. Sharda Balaji -Founder of NovoJuris Legal.
9. Jay Dutta – Advisor- Design – Saif Partners