What does it take to be a Marathon Runner


Vaishali Kasturae has accolades and medals she earned from running. To her, running is more than a sport it is both therapeutic and spiritual. She is the first Indian woman to receive a World Major Marathon Certification for running major marathons of a certain calibre. Here she talks about what does it take to be a marathon runner.

She has been running for 18 years and participated in more than 100 marathons of different distances. Moreover, she also co-founded a non-profit organization dedicated to mentor female entrepreneurs. She talks about perseverance and dedication for a long haul which are mottos and skills she learned in the marathon.

Vaishali Kasturae has always been a fitness fanatic dedicated to the gym and exercising. The need to find herself and to balance her personal life and career led her to athletics. She first ran with her friend and has been in love since then. In addition, she received accolades and medals for competing in marathons of a high and certain caliber. Being a marathon runner is more than just open tracks and distances completed. It teaches perseverance, dedication and the ability to stay with a cause for a long haul.

Running to her is both therapeutic and spiritual since after a good run she always feels distressed and connected with herself. Having ran for 18 years, she explains the importance of self-care and nutrition in marathons. This includes eating healthy and getting enough sleep. In addition, being a marathoner requires small beginnings, to be oneself and not to emulate other people. Just like in other career people grow over time, being marathoner requires patience and hard work.

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