Brand MTR and continuing the legacy

Hemamalini Maiya Managing Partner of brand MTR (Managing Partner at Mavalli Tiffin Rooms describes her journey of managing family business after her father died. Driven by the passion to continue his family’s legacy, she became a manager without any grooming or training. It was a norm in the old age for a son to take over the business. However, her brother was not ready to assume the management role and the responsibility shifted to her. As a manager, the restaurant opened four franchises consecutively. With the support of customers, friends and family the business expanded and into a brand.

Managing any business is challenging even with the right education, training and experience. Hemamalini Maiya dived into the management position with no experience whatsoever and turned it into a success. With passion and hard work, she turned the family business into a franchise; brand MTR in Bangalore.

It was traditional for sons to take over the family business. However, in her case, her brother was not ready to become the manager. As a woman who assumed a male responsibility in business, there was scepticism from the staff and customers. They assumed the business would fall under her leadership. However, she didn’t doubt herself but was driven by the desire to continue her family’s legacy.

The support from family, friends and customers made franchising a possibility. During franchising, she had to learn about business plans and the viable places to set up a restaurant.  She also learned that managing brand MTR or any other business requires trust and reliability. She believed in herself to make the business a success, and she also groomed staff to assume managerial positions.

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