Strong need for coaching Future athletes

Nisha Millet discusses her swimming career and the journey to establishing Nisha Millet Swimming Academy (NMSA). She had a near-drowning experience at the age of 5 years which gave rise to hydrophobia. However, her father helped her to transition from hydrophobia to dedicating time to a swimming career. She talks about the importance of mental toughness and doing athletics for love and not for money. NMSA establishment came after dedicating her time to teach people of all ages to enjoy swimming. She has many accolades and awards and now she dedicates her time to coaching athletes.

Professional athletes are not motivated by money. They are driven by the love of sports, passion and tenacity. To compete in sports, you need perseverance, mental strength and resilience. Nisha Millet attained these skills way before coaching athletes. She has many accolades and medals from competing nationally and internationally. She won the Arjuna awards and competed at the Olympic in Sydney in 2000.

When she started swimming, the only sponsorship was sporting gear and little financial assistance. Her family supported her financially and emotionally from a young age until she retired from swimming. In recent years, however, financial sponsorship has increased encouraging more athletes to participate in sports. Companies are getting involved in terms of sponsorship and media provides coverage that increases financial assistance.

Before establishing the swimming Academy, she trained people to overcome hydrophobia by making swimming enjoyable. It has advanced to a coaching athletes centre for kids who compete nationally. Having goals and right support motivated her to succeed. She gets more satisfaction from people she has inspired in her journey. Watch some of the other power women featured here.

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